Readers – Shakespeare

Shakespeare on Love

March 3, 2024
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Show Times

March 3, 2024

6 p.m.

About the show
Shakespeare on Love

Presented through special arrangement with Conejo Players Reader Theatre
Directed by: Alan Waserman
Produced by: Paul Babb & Scott Quintard

Curated and written by Paul Babb

Join us as we endeavor to honor the intricate tapestry of love through the profound lens of William Shakespeare’s timeless works. Whether it’s the tender nuances of a budding love or the tumultuous storms of passion, our talented cast will bring to life some of Shakespeare’s most celebrated scenes, soliloquies, and sonnets to craft a rich narrative that explores the diverse complexities of love. We’re going to delve into the various ways Shakespeare explored, employed, and manipulated the themes of love.

The evening is a compilation of scenes, sonnets and readings of Shakespeare.

Readers Theatre offers a unique theatrical experience – a staged reading in which actors present a play or musical in front of an audience without sets, costumes or other production elements. The actors are not off-book, which means they typically have the script in hand while they perform. It allows the audience to focus on the story and the characters. Attendance is free of charge – but CPT donations are welcome.

Cast & Crew

Ben Birmingham

Carlie Wright

Connor O’Brien

Jim Miller

John Eslick

Alan Waserman

Nikki Gallagher

Ronna Jones

Vivien Latham