TO Acorn – Laughs rain down in latest play

The Thousand Oaks Acorn came out to see Don’t Drink the Water, now through Feb. 4, and the reviews are in!

“Fortunately, CPT director John Eslick settled on the brilliant Kelly Green to play the part of harried American tourist Walter Hollander, who finds himself in a quagmire of trouble after he innocently takes photographs of an Iron Curtain missile site and takes refuge in an American embassy … The result is a comic tour de force as Green bumbles, blusters and bloviates while trying to come up with a way to escape the embassy while avoiding the encroaching police.”

“Character actor chameleon Raymond Mastrovito delivers one of his best performances ever as the lovable Father Drobney, a priest who has been hiding in the embassy for six years, trying out his magic act on anyone who will listen. Mastrovito, an amateur magician himself who delights in affecting foreign accents, steals every scene he is in, and even brought in some of his own magic props from home to use in the show.”

Tickets are now on sale, don’t miss it!