‘9 to 5’ cast turns the tables

The reviews are in for 9 to 5, and it’s a hit!

Strong performances abound in CPT’ s leading quartet of characters, led by Dana Kolb in the Tomlin character of Violet,” said Cary Ginell in the Acorn. “As she did this past summer in CPT’s “The Sound of Music,” Katie McTyre makes everyone around her better through her superlative performance as Doralee. Mary Grace Zehnpfennig is equally excellent as Judy (played in the film by Fonda), a mousy housewife new to the workplace who shows the greatest growth of any character in the story.”

“Director Erin Fagundes has assembled a huge cast and has skillfully mounted a technically demanding production filled with engaging characterizations, familiar situations (sadly, many that are still in play even today) and high-spirited action,” said the Ventura Breeze’s Shirley Lorraine. “The less than PC boss, Franklin Hart, Jr., is played to the comedic hilt by Scott Quintard. He embodies fully the character everyone loves to hate. He is often backed up by a capable cadre of yes-men dancers who are a delight to watch as they move set pieces into place.”

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