Production Portal

This page is intended as a resource for Directors and Producers at The Conejo Players. Use of this material is restricted to authorized persons.

Production Manual

2020 Production Manual
Addenda to Manual
CPT Sexual Harassment Policy

Toolkit files and templates

  1. Program Information Submission Template
  2. Membership flyer
  3. Hold Harmless Agreement
  4. Parent Consent form
  5. Policy for protection of minors
  6. Audition notice template
  7. Audition sheet with calendar
  8. Audition sheet without calendar
  9. Program Bio Submission Sheet
  10. Final budget report
  11. School show permission letter
  12. Volunteer hours verification letter
  13. Publicity info sheet
  14. Receipt of production materials form
  15. Mainstage ticket info sheet
  16. Incident report form
  17. ASCAP faq
  18. Musician payment policy & agreement with w9
  19. Musician payment template for treasurer
  20. Production parking map
  21. Office Depot discount card
  22. Stage floorplan

Master Calendar