Youth Theatre Intensive

Conejo Players Theatre proudly presents the Youth Theatre Intensive program!


Conejo Players Theatre is excited to announce our 2024 Youth Theatre Intensive (YTI) program. This is a non-competitive FREE year long program designed to introduce students to the entire production process, from the page to the stage.

YTI 2024 is all about Improv!! Our goals are to help the youth develop creativity, spontaneity, and imagination, broaden their social and emotional development, develop their confidence both on stage and off, improve their speaking and listening skills, and instill tolerance and adaptability. It will be games and learning, it will be “yes and…”, and it will be a lot of fun!!

Everyone from 8 to 18 years of age are welcome to participate! If your kiddos love theater, being creative and having fun, then this is the program for them!

See you on stage at Conejo Players Theatre.

For more information, contact Elena Mills at

Days and times are subject to change.