The Phantom Tollbooth Jr.

October 20 - 28, 2018

Based on the book by Norton Juster
Book by Norton Juster & Sheldon Harnick
Music by Arnold Black
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre Internationa (MTI).

The exceptional tale of Milo, Tock and a certain magic tollbooth is brought splendidly to life on stage in THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH JR. Adapted from Norton Juster's beloved, award-winning children's book, this inventive musical features a melodious score by Arnold Black and witty lyrics full of wordplay by Pulitzer Prize and three-time-Tony-winner, Sheldon Harnick.

Even surrounded by dozens of toys, Milo is bored. Nothing interests him at all... until he takes a trip through the Phantom Tollbooth. Transported to the Land of Wisdom, Milo is thrust into adventure when Princesses Rhyme and Reason need rescuing in order to bring peace between two kings. The kings, from Dictionopolis and Digitopolis, are feuding over whether “words” or “numbers” are most important in their kingdoms. Knee-deep in danger, language and math along the way, Milo learns everything has a purpose. Upon his return home, he realizes there is never a reason to be bored in a world full of hidden discoveries. ~ RATED G


Oct 20-28, 2018
Sat & Sun at 2pm & 5pm
(2pm only Sun Oct 28)
Special 7pm performance Fri Oct 26


Jul 29-31, 2018 at 5:00pm

Full Cast: 

Milo: Skyler Ingram
Tock: Peter Umipig
Azaz: Mateo Gonzalez
Mathemagician: Theo Chambers
The Whether Man/Voice of the Tollbooth/Adverb Seller: Abhay Yoganathan
Narrator/Noun Seller: Jillian Gonzalez
Narrator/Noun Seller: Lauren Whitton
Princess of Sweet Rhyme/Girl 1: Brook Lebron
Princess of Pure Reason/Girl 2: Chiara Caravetta
The Terrible Trivium/Advisor: Brooke Rassell
Demon of Insincerity/Advisor: Sabrina Silva
The Senses Taker/Advisor: Madison Towe
Girl 3/Little Prince/Advisor: Jenna Romo
Miner/Adverb Seller: Julia Kirkpatrick
Miner/Pronoun Seller: Caroline Nese
Miner/Verb Seller: Savanna Miller
Miner/Pronoun Seller: Jocelyn Jensen
Miner/Adjective Seller/Queen: Sarah Hatfield
Miner/Lethargarian/Demon/Guard: Emily Merjan
Lethargarian/Demon/Tree/Lackey: Apsara Yoganathan
Lethargarian/Tree/Girl 4: Kaelia Ingram
Lethargarian/Tree/King/Lackey: Aiden Paolini
Lethargarian/Verb Seller: Jocelyn Urenda
Lethargarian/Adjective Seller: Aimee Williams