Lonely Planet

July 31 - Aug 2, 2020

Lonely Planet, by Steven Dietz, is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists PlayService, Inc., New York.

Director - Randi Redman
Producer - Jeremy Zeller
Director of Photography - Leo Zeller
Assistant Director - Jake Fagundes
Fight Choreography - Julie Hackett
Costume Design - Nora Kay

Carl and Jody are living through a global health crisis. Carl continues to live his life, out into the world, seeing the carnage first hand, but Jody can’t bring himself to leave his map store. Carl continuously brings chairs over to Jody’s shop, a symbol of the people lost to the epidemic, and a nudge to Jody that the world continues on outside, and that we cannot hide from it.


All performances are live streamed. 

Friday July 31 8pm
Saturday Aug 1 8pm
Sunday Aug 2 2pm

Full Cast: 

Tanner Redman - Jody
Nick Bemrose - Carl