Cheaper by the Dozen

January 13 - February 04, 2012

Suppose your father is a pioneer of industrial efficiency. Then suppose he decides to apply his unorthodox methods to you and to the rest of your big family. The results are embarrassing, funny ... and extremely effective! Sure to delight families of all shapes and sizes.


January 13 - February 04, 2012
Thursday - Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm


November 13 - 15, 2011 at 7:00pm

Full Cast: 

Mr. Gilbreth – Larry Swartz
Mrs. Gilbreth – Natalie Taylor
Ernestine – Stephanie Allen
Frank – Bennie Glasner
Jackie – Veronika Mikulasek
Bill – Corey Fogelmanis
Bill – Benji Byars
Fred – John Ferraro
Anne – Madeline Aflague
Lillian – Jessica Quill

Martha – Anna Schneider
Bobbie – Rebecca Kozak
Mary – Abby Muir
Jane – Candace Kozak
Mrs. Fitzgerald – Martha Hules
Dr. Burton – Don Johnson
Joe Scales – Jonathan Aflague
Miss Brill – Charlotte Edmondson
Larry – Julien Martinez


Cheaper by the Dozen