Car Park Theatre: Turning our Driveway into Broadway!

August 15 & 16, 2020

Producer: Beth Eslick & Gabriel Vega
Director: Gabriel Vega
Fund Raising Chair: Renee Delgado Rose
Sound Engineer: Jeremy Zeller
Sound Tech: Robert Chambers

An evening of uplifting Broadway songs, performed by some of the best talent in the county. Dinner available onsite with Big Mann BBQ! And a Silent Auction Fundraiser!

All from the safety of your car (the sound is LIVE! via your FM radio!), food safely brought to your car (order/paid via your phone!), and lovely cool things available to bid on during intermission (also all done through your phone!)



Saturday August 15 4:30pm and 7pm
Sunday August 16 4:30pm and 7pm

Full Cast: 

Car Park Theatre features the amazing talents of:

Stacy Hunter
Sage McNeely
Kayla Bailey
Joanna Bert
Alexa Josephine Gonzalez
Nicole Spadaro
Lisa Evans Powell
Devery Holmes
Jim Holmes
Shelley Saxer
Gary Saxer
Ian Wolf
Renee Delgado
Angelica Smith
Cameron Liljekvist
Jennifer Scott

Francis Paul Cabison
Paul Panico, Jr.
Adelle Ramirez
Brent Ramirez

Dan Tullis, Jr.
Ronnie Sperling
Romy Sperling

Jonalyn Saxer
Ashley Park
Jade McGlynn
Bryce Hamilton
Joey Grady