A Midsummer Camp's Dream

July 24 at 7pm via Zoom.

Writer: Terence Patrick Hughes
Producers/Directors:  Elena Mills, Beth Eslick
Music Composer/Director:  Michael Kronenberg


Deep in the Catskill mountains, Camps Bluster and Hill-a-Wee are set into chaos as Theseus arrives to announce that he's bought the land and must close one of the camps to make way for his new wife's mansion and horse farm. His son Demetrius and fellow camper Lysander must now lead the boys in a winner-take-all talent show against the girls, led by Hermia and Helena, to determine which camp must be demolished at sunrise by Bottom and his comic crew of workers. All the while, King Oberon is vexed by his queen and sets his trusty aide, Puck, to scatter magic, confusion, and a good dose of laughs across the forest.


July 24 at 7pm via Zoom.

Full Cast: 

Philostrate - Adeline Regier
Puck - Antonia Villalobos
Snout - Caroline Diffner Nese
Theseus - Chris Kolde
Oberon - Diego Encinas
Hermia - Dulcemaria Peralta
Helena - Emily Bram
Flute - Isabella De Los Santos
Demetrius - Jack Goldsmith
Lysander - Jake McDermott
Peaseblossom - Jocelyn Jensen
Bottom - Julia Kirkpatrick
Starveling - Kiki Lana
Egeus - Logan Filippi
Quince - Madison Burns
Story Teller - Mia Brown
Hippolyta - Rikka Tignac
Patricia - Samara Gaytan
Snug - Taim Bou Hassan
Titania - Zoey Goldsmith