Audition Notice: Much Ado About Murder

by Pat Cook
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing Company.

Audition Dates & Times: 

**TWO NIGHTS ONLY** Sunday August 18th, Monday August 19th (2019) 7pm.
Callbacks, if needed, will be held by invitation only on Wednesday August 21st.

Audition Location: 

Conejo Players Theatre
351 S. Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Performance Dates: 

October 11-13, 2019
Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 2pm & 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

Audition Requirements: 

Auditioners will read from the script. Sides will be posted in advance of the audition. Printed sides will also be made available at the theatre during auditions. All roles are available; seeking all ethnicities.
This is an open call. No appointment is required. Please come 10-15 minutes prior to the posted start time for photos and paperwork. Non-union. NO PAY.

Plot Summary: 

Rich but rotten Carlton Larraby enjoyed punctuating the lives of his family with macabre little surprises. His latest joke is a Halloween party with everybody dressed as a character from Shakespeare. The bored guests have arrived and wait impatiently for their host to show up, unaware that he has been gruesomely bludgeoned to death in his study. A sinister master of ceremonies named Hawker invites the audience to investigate the crime - hearing testimony from the witnesses, inspecting the crime scene, and even interviewing the suspects in an effort to discover the killer and their motives. A twisting and twisted tale, the audience's investigations means no two performances of this show will be exactly alike!

NOTE: As an audience participation show, at one point the cast will be required to take questions regarding their characters and the plot from the audience. This section is unscripted by necessity, but rehearsals will include time to review potential answers to audience questions. Previous improv experience is not required.

For More Information: 

Please contact the Director R. Shane Bingham at

Character Breakdown: 

HAWKER (M or F 20s-40s): The mysterious master of ceremonies for the events of the performance. Hawker exists outside of the action of the play, and draws the audience in to the world of the show, inviting them to investigate the crime.

BLANCHE LARRABY (F 30s-50s): Wife of the (soon to be) late Carlton Larraby, the host of the party. Suspicious of what the others are telling the audience, and easily flustered.

JOLENE LARRABY (F 20s-mid 30s): Adopted daughter of Blanche and Carlton Larraby. Intelligent. Devoted to her family despite her adopted status. Is the one to discover Carlton's demise.

STEVEN MACDONALD (M 20s-40s): A former teacher, now handyman for the Larraby household. A seemingly modest, straightforward, hardworking man with a secret love.

MALCOM LARRABY (M 40s-60s): Carlton Larraby's brother. Has a long fuse, but burns hot when angered. Secretly envies his brother's popularity.

LESLIE LARRABY (M 20s): Son of Malcom Larraby, twin to Wesley. Assertive and often overbearing.

WESLEY LARRABY (M 20s): Son of Malcom Larraby, twin to Leslie. Quite shy and afraid of conflict.

LILLIAN DEMOND (F 40s-60s): Malcom and Carlton's sister, dowager, former Broadway actress and very much the Grand Dame.

KIMBERLY TRENT (F 20s-early 30s): Carlton's secretary. His former student, his current mistress.